Welcome to Vintage Butterfly and all things fabulous!

We are Annie and Kirsty, long term friends and business partners of five years now. We have a thriving animal care business together but we both have a passion for upcycling, and all things crafty.

For years, we have been upcycling our own pieces but also restoring old pieces of furniture. Pieces that had been destine for the dump or old furniture that was once loved but needed some love and care to restore it to its former glory.

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It’s not just furniture that we love to work with, but we also have an eye for creating new things. From vintage inspired wreaths and decorations to fun bird boxes, and insect boxes for the garden. We like to turn our hands to almost anything.

This is where Vintage Butterfly was born, a much-loved hobby that turned into our new little independent business.

You can browse our current pieces through our online shop, or you can request quotes for your commission furniture that needs some help. You might also find a pretty decoration for your home while you are there.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service and wherever possible, we can offer a choice of colours, themes and designs.

Enjoy x

Breathing life into old furniture & creating beautiful accessories